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I’m Christopher Springmann, an independent video podcast host, producer, and digital storyteller. My work includes 1600+ original programs, both audio and video, delivering solid take-away for consumers, patients and healthcare professionals.

“One = Three” Production Package

One interview produces three programs in different formats: interactive audio/video, 90s trailer, and audio podcast. My strategy is to meet unique audiences at their convenience, on their device of choice.

Interactive Transcript

The interactive transcript makes your videos searchable, accessible, and more engaging.

:90s Trailer

Social media outreach!  Every video has a companion “teaser” trailer with open captioning.


Highest quality audio formatted to iTunes and Soundcloud specifications.

Interactive Transcript

Makes your program accessible to a more diverse and inclusive audience

  • Search transcript
  • Control video with transcript
  • 80% of viewers are more likely to watch an entire captioned video
  • Improves ESL (English as second language) comprehension and retention
  • Improves website SEO

Let’s make a difference together.

A single show can take on a life of its own. Digital storytelling is about asking the right questions, then listening with intent. Memorable, engaging moments arise when getting to know our interview subjects more.